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My name is Lucie, most people know me as Rachel. I changed my name a part of my personal transformation process. A new name for a fresh start. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life. As a result, I’ve faced many hurdles in my college career, all of which I have overcome. I graduated with honors in 2011 with a certificate in photographic technology as well as an associate in applied science/occupational business. I immediately started working on a bachelor in business administration but put it off when I became overwhelmed with anxiety. I am returning to college to attain my bachelor degree. I found a great university which I will be attending online. I am completely confident that I can do this.

I have been accepted to Southern New Hampshire University and will be attending online. I am starting classes on Monday, January 8th. Half of my tuition is due on Saturday, January 6th. I was expecting grants to cover my tuition, but I found out 3 days before tuition is due that I am ineligible to receive them. I have some money to pay this but it’s not enough. I need help in paying the remainder of my tuition. The $3,000 I am crowdfunding for will cover the remainder of my tuition for my first two 8-week terms. Every donation is extremely helpful.

Earning my Bachelor degree will mean everything to me. It will mean enriching my skill set as a business owner. I want to expand the artistic side of my photography work through supportive business ventures. And to be living proof that it is never too late to achieve your goals and live up to your potential.

You can find my GoFundMe campaign here, please consider helping.

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