I’m completely fascinated by it but it is a little disconcerting, the amount of bones & dead animals that I happen upon.

Birds of a Feather Exhibition

I am honored to have a photo included in Don’t Take Pictures’ online exhibition “Birds of a Feather“. There are some really great images on display from some talented photographers. The exhibition is on view through February 20, 2018.




Toddler sessions can be challenging. Challenging but fun. No matter how much you plan, toddlers have their own ideas about how their session will go. There is a lot of placing them and then chasing them. After you place them there is about 2.5 seconds to get the shot before they lose interest and run off. Trying to get the perfect portrait can be a frustrating process. But no matter what it takes to get the shot there is definitely a lot of personality that shows through in the final result. In my opinion, any portrait where personality shows is a success.