Toddler sessions can be challenging. Challenging but fun. No matter how much you plan, toddlers have their own ideas about how their session will go. There is a lot of placing them and then chasing them. After you place them there is about 2.5 seconds to get the shot before they lose interest and run off. Trying to get the perfect portrait can be a frustrating process. But no matter what it takes to get the shot there is definitely a lot of personality that shows through in the final result. In my opinion, any portrait where personality shows is a success.

Homecoming Glam Sessions

Come solo or bring your best friend for a vanity fair style contemporary portrait session. 
Accepting reservations for October. Limited availability. Book early to ensure your preferred date/time. 

$85 – 30 minute solo session 

$130 – 60 minute BFF session 

Includes 10-15 high resolution digital images per person. 


I asked someone during a recent interview “if your art was edible, what would it taste like and why?” I’ve been thinking about what my answer would be. 

My photography would taste like cheesecake because of it’s simplicity. It’s minimalism. It might get overlooked for a desert with more of a wow factor, like a triple chocolate cake, but if you really contemplate it, there is a lot of substance to it. Just enough to leave you satisfied.